Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thoughts On: True Detective Season 1

           (Spoiler Alert) Let me start by saying that True Detective was a good show. Quite good actually, and no gripe I have about it can change that. Mathew Mcconaughey went full Mcconaughey, Woody Harrelson had hair, and the urban shootout scene was like a sequel to Children of Men. But lets face it, despite what I can only say was some of the best character/ plot development in a while, the show let down in the end. Why?
I would have settled for that...

Item 1, The Yellow King:
I feel like that should have been more then just that piƱata in the back.

Item 2, No Twist Ending:
Considering that no major characters were introduced into the show as likely candidates for being the killer (Yellow King, Spaghetti Monster, or otherwise), I almost thought the show would either...

A) surprise us by making Marty or Rust culpable in some way or
B) surprise us in any other way. Instead the show just reveals the killer, who turns out to be related to this, that, and the other.

Item 3, Marty and Rust Survive the Ending:
I can see Marty making it out of there, but Rust should have become one with the force. What did they have to live for again?

Bonus Item, True Detective = Southern The Killing, not in a good way:
Rust and Marty were like Linden and Holder all over again. Good characters caught in a flawed plot, complete with grand conspiracies, big character build up, and what turns out to be an underwhelming ending.

           I'll still tune in for True Detective Season 2, but Im going to miss Rust riding with Marty in a Lincoln (it wasn't a Lincoln). Hope Vince Vaughn can re channel his inner Domestic Disturbance