Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thoughts On: Rotten Tomatoes Reliability 2014

           Iv'e always stood by Rotten Tomatoes, the great movie aggregator that has basically determined whether I go out to see a movie for years now. However, 2014 has proven to be the year when I have had to question the legendary Tomatometer. Here are 3 films that I feel Rotten Tomatoes missed the mark on...

Gone Girl 88%:
I felt the same way Nora, I felt the same way...
I have to say I was really eager to see this one, it had everything going for it. David Fincher was directing, Ben Affleck was on his game (post Argo), Nora Durst from HBO's the Leftovers was in it, and most importantly, Rotten Tomatoes approved it. Problem is that (and I realize this is a book) this was two movies. The first movie (the one I wanted to see) while a bit predictable, ended with Amazing Amy riding off into the sunset. The second turned into an uncomfortable horror film that left us right where we started. I
wasn't sure where this movie was going, what the point was, or when it would end. I'd give this one a 68%.

Nightcrawler 95%:
I think this is the movie Rotten Tomatoes should have thrown more tomatoes at. No doubt Jake Gyllenhaals' performance was decent, creepy, but decent. However, it kind of reminded me of District 9 in that I would have liked that movie more if the main character a redeeming quality (why'd he have to hit that alien in the head?). I get the concept of having an anti hero in your movie (I'm
looking at you Theo Faron, or Mad Max) but Jake took the creep factor too far. Otherwise the tension was good, and the car chase scenes did the film justice. Im not sure what Renee Russo was doing in this movie either...70%.

Interstellar 73%:
A prank phone call could have worked too...but I guess he forgave her?
Did this movie make sense? mostly. Did this movie have every plot hole in the book? Pretty Much. Did Matt Damon almost ruin the whole thing? Yes indeed. Did this movie incorporate Deep Impact, Armageddon, Gravity, 2001: A Space Odyssey, ContactStar Wars, Star Trek, and True Detective? Maybe. Regardless of this, Interstellar absolutely entertained. The cast was more than decent, the film was tastefully over ambitious, and that part when they get back to the ship and their friend has aged decades was damn good. How a movie like this rated lower then the above i'll never know...I say 85%.

          My prediction, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies will make its way on this list soon...