Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thoughts On: The Walking Dead Midseason 5 Finale

           Let me start by saying that I have been watching The Walking Dead since episode one and will probably keep watching it till its over. But Im Sorry, this show hasn't been interesting since that first episode (ok thats extreme, its had its moments). Considering that the show is already about zombies, you'd think the show might move a little faster but oh well...

Hawkins hasn't aged a day since Jericho...
Beth Dies and so does Dawn:
I don't think I really noticed Beth until she sang that song in the prison (after which I promptly forgot about her again). But what was the point of giving Beth a character upgrade if her fate was to die soon after. What was the relationship between Beth and Dawn for again?

That Priest is Annoying:

Actually he's gotten more annoying, and yes Carl and Michonne should have left him outside.

Morgan Factor is Taking Forever:
Morgan was my motivation to watch this season and he's still not a part of the plot.

The Band Gets Back Together:
Im still really mad at Eugene for lying about DC and essentially wasting an episode and a half of my life (can't imagine how pissed the rest of them must be). Now having returned from a meaningless road trip, Glenn and Maggie's group are back where they started and so are we. If they want to let him live fine, but cut off the mullet before he wakes...