Monday, November 30, 2015

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 8...Zombies...And More Zombies...

           The Walking Dead's mid season finale saw Alexandria overrun by zombies. Our heroes spent the entire hour stuck indoors, Jessie's son listened to Tiny Tim, Glenn just sort of watched everything, and Rick's group escaped via the zombie guts method. Here are my thoughts on episode 8...

1. Were Those Supposed To Be Ants?:

This isn't a big deal, but they looked pretty fake to me, just saying. Plus, World War Z already made the zombie/ ant analogy in it's opening credits...

2. Deanna, We Will Miss You, Sorta, Maybe:

Was I happy to see Deanna go? No not at all... but she was definitely on the short list of expendable characters. Maybe it's the fact that the Glenn scare is still on my mind, but her impending death didn't

Sunday, November 29, 2015

'The Leftovers' Season 2, Episode 8...Kevin What The Heck?...

           Episode 8 was the weirdest of the season by far (Jason Bourne+Lost+The Twilight Zone). We followed Kevin as he woke up in the hotel of the afterlife, took the role of an 'international assassin,' and attempted to kill Patti...thereby freeing himself of her in the real world. I still can't believe all that actually happened. Here are my thoughts on episode 8...

1. Australia Is Important And May Be The Answer To Everything:

We've heard Australia mentioned a few times this season. One of those times was when Kevin's dad mentioned that he'd be moving there...and what do you know, it's Kevin's dad who communicates with his son (in the afterlife) from Australia. While I fully accept we may never learn what caused the departure (or where the people went), I still like that the show is keeping this 'Australia' thing alive.

Monday, November 23, 2015

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 7...Glenn's Fate Revealed!

           Episode 7 finally delivered the goods. After sitting through some pretty slow stuff, (the past 3 episodes) this was exactly what we needed going into the mid season finale...Here are my thoughts...

1. Glenn Lives, Which Totally Made My Weekend:

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because it turns out The Walking Dead's dumpsters are made with wiggle room. It's a good thing Glenn made it out alive because his death would've really killed my Thanksgiving week...and I have to give props to this episode for starting with Glenn's reveal... because frankly it's the only thing we've really cared about all season. While I can fully appreciate the anticipation from having made us believe Glenn was dead, I would be happy if the show never pulls this again...

2. Rosita Tells Eugene What We've All Been Thinking:

I'm sorry but I don't really care for Eugene. His mullet and overall cowardice find a way to irritate me without fail. Thankfully Rosita stood up this episode and put Eugene right in his place...thank you. I

Sunday, November 22, 2015

'The Leftovers' Season 2, Episode 7...Kevin No!

           Well no one ever said The Leftovers was an uplifting show...This season has delivered yet another awesome next level episode, here are my thoughts...

1. The Palm Print Scan...It's Only A Matter Of Time Now:

We all know it's Kevin's palm print that John is looking for...I'm kind of surprised it took Kevin this long to get scanned. A big confrontation between John and Kevin was always in the works...but with Kevin down and out, what's John supposed to do when he finds out Kevin is the droid he's looking for?

2. Laurie Shows Up At Miracle Because The Script Says So, But It Totally Works:

Why did Laurie drive all the way to Texas looking for Tom? I mean, she had already called Norah about it... She could've just called Kevin since she was clearly willing to meet him in person. Thankfully her appearance in Texas made for some of the episodes best scenes. It was a good twist when Laurie pointed out how Patty wouldn't appear in her presence... and how weird was it to see her giving Kevin advice when last we saw them together Laurie's involvement with the guilty remnant almost got Jill

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 6...Any Day Now

           To be honest...I have very little to say about this episode because all I care about is Glenn
 (and we didn't get any answers on that front). Here are my thoughts on episode 6...

1. This Episode Didn't Do Anything For Me:

You know how every episode starts with a 'previously on' recap? Well the fact that most of this episode's recap was from the first episode summed up just how bad the season's timing is. I'm not sure anything happened on episode 6 that could have been blended into a previous episode or could have waited till after the Glenn issue is resolved. Basically all we got was...

1. Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha got attacked by a new group of people...and...
2. Daryl met 3 new characters who really didn't seem to matter and stole his stuff

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

'Spectre' 007... It Entertained, But...

           Look I'll cut right to the chase...while I was entertained by the latest James Bond film, it wasn't a great movie (certainly not the best of the Craig era). Here are my thoughts on 'Spectre'... Prepare to read the word 'Bond' a lot...

1. Relax People, It's a Bond Film:

I realize this is a Bond film which means it's going to be filled with unbelievable stuff like..

-Bond surviving the falling building in Mexico
-Bond surviving the falling helicopter scene in Mexico
-Bond recreating/ surviving the car chase scene from the Bourne Identity in Italy
-Bond not unplugging the camera while talking with Mr. White
-Bond chasing SUV's down a mountain with an airplane that fly's through a barn and hits it's target
-Bond going to the most evil guy's facility with absolutely no plan
-Bond using an exploding watch to escape from a locked chair connected to a brain drill
-Bond successfully shooting his way out of a facility after being drilled in the brain
-Bond successfully finding Madeleine Swan in an empty building
-Bond successfully shooting down a helicopter with a hand gun

 ...that said, I can't be too hard on this movie. It entertained me...which, as far as I'm concerned = mission accomplished. However, there were some things I still have issue with...

2. Christoph Waltz Could Have Been The Best Bond Villain Ever, But Wasn't:

One of the reason's I was excited to see this movie was because Christoph Waltz was in it... and I gotta say, the results were disappointing. I'll start with the whole, "Bond stole my dad's affection," backstory. You mean to tell me that due to some childhood jealousy with Bond, Christoph's character...

-Killed his dad
-Faked his own death
-Changed his name to Blofeld
-Started the most diabolical organization ever
...and dedicated his life to making Bond suffer?

I'm sorry but that was a bit of a stretch. I didn't feel that his connection with Bond helped his character in any way. To know that all his technological big brother power was literally born out of being a petty big brother.

           Despite the backstory, I wish I could've seen more of Waltz through out...because he simply came into the movie too late for me. I kinda felt like the movie was trying to shrug this off by explaining that Blofeld had been the puppet master of the previous films. I'm sorry but it's not enough to tell us that he's been there all along, we simply needed to see more of him. Had his character been more fleshed out, scenes like the one with the brain drill, might have been more engaging (because I literally watched that more confused than anything else). Considering how great an actor Waltz is... it just didn't feel like 'Spectre' made the most of him.

3. Some More Annoying Crap:

There's really no way to categorize the following issues I had with this movie, so I'll just say them out right...

A) After knowing Bond for what I can only imagine is less than a week, Madeleine tells Bond "I love you"? Sorry but no...

B) This movie's ending came across like some incarnation of Christopher Nolan's Batman. Damsel in distress is kidnapped by the bad guy. Blofeld then dabbles in the fine art of setting off bombs to explode in minutes (instead of, I don't know,  just killing both Madeleine and James right then and there) This coincidently gives our hero enough time to find the damsel and escape. Pretty text book stuff, then something unexpected...

C) James Bond shoots down Blofelds's helicopter with a handgun. Even with all the action leeway I give this movie, I saw that and laughed my ass off. I don't know what part of that was sillier... the fact that Bond attempted shooting it in the first place... or the fact that the helicopter didn't just fly away upon being shot at. I mean, just turn left...or right...or go higher. Damn, the final act of this movie was a mess.

           I'm really gonna give this movie the, "it entertained me," pass. Did 'Spectre's' plot really make a ton of sense? Not entirely. Was 'Spectre' worth the 9 bucks I spent to watch it? Yes, yes it was.

           So what did you think of this movie? Would you have killed some random dude just because you found a video of your dead boss telling you to do so?

Random Screen Guy Rating: 59.6584325325999999999999999  

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 6...Questions And More Questions

           This show, while damn good, really is getting harder and harder to comment on...mostly because immediately after watching an episode, I realize I have almost no idea what just happened (in fact, after every episode I look like a disturbed Kevin). I find it best to just sit back, relax, and ask away...because lets face it... a lot of stuff related to birds, goats, pies, and rocks happened on episode 6. Here are my thoughts...

1. So This Episode Had A Questionnaire? Maybe It Can Answer Some of My Questions:

How? how can a show continue to pile on the mystery and still be so damn good? Here's some of the questions I had about tonights episode...

A) Why did Norah throw a rock a the Murphy's house? I mean, that was Norah right?
B) Why did Erika throw the rock back? Judging by the look on her face it looked personal as hell.  
C) What did that old man out in the sticks do to earn the Murphy's hatred? 
D) Does that "Lens" thing really happen? If so which questions from Norah's list were based off the

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5...Filler

           This was one of the most unfocused episode's I've seen from this show in a while... and it was also kinda boring. Aside from Maggie's pregnancy and the walkers showing up at Alexandria, this show meandered between a lot of characters and situations that led to nowhere. Here's my break down of episode 5...

1. This Episode Was Filler:

A filler is when a show delivers an episode seemingly just for the hell of it. Such an episode seems designed to get you nowhere fast. You could probably skip or fast forward through most of a filler (without worrying that you'll miss something critical, because there isn't really anything critical going on). This episode of The Walking Dead was pretty much one of those. It started off strong, as walkers found Alexandria and caused a town

Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 5...Ima Need A Hug After This One...

           This was probably the most bonafide Leftovers episode of the season so far. It was packed with all the awesomely depressing and mysterious stuff we've come to expect from this series. Here's my thoughts on episode 5...

This Show Is Now Focusing On 3 Plot Lines And Is Totally Pulling It Off:

To be honest when I saw the preview for this one, I wasn't jumping up for joy (in fact I thought we might get a dreaded filler episode)... and as expected, we didn't see anything related to those missing girls or the Guilty Remnant's craziness. Instead, episode 5 expanded Matt's subplot... which turned out to be pretty damn entertaining. Why?

1. It explored the mystery of Mary's awakening...
2) It revealed Mary's pregnancy... 
3) It focused on Matt's struggle to get them back to Miracle... 
4) It delivered a full circle ending with that guy who stole their wristbands...

Monday, November 2, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4... Enter The Morgan

           I knew this season would have a Morgan flashback episode and this week, that's what we got. Looks like we'll have to wait longer to find out about Glenn. Any who... this episode was pure character development and did well to show why Morgan has adopted a policy of peace... Here are my thoughts on episode 4...

1. This Episode Was A Forgone Conclusion, But It Didn't Have To Be:

This episode didn't really throw any mind blowing revelations at us. It showed how Morgan learned his peaceful ways in a pretty straight forward fashion...
1) Crazy Morgan gets captured
2) Crazy Morgan meets his Obi-Wan Kenobi
3) Crazy Morgan learns the ways of the force
4) Morgan is no longer crazy
...To top it off, his master is killed, forcing Morgan to venture on his own to fight the/ his dark side. Speaking of which, Eastman should really have been spared. His character was easily more