Monday, November 30, 2015

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 8...Zombies...And More Zombies...

           The Walking Dead's mid season finale saw Alexandria overrun by zombies. Our heroes spent the entire hour stuck indoors, Jessie's son listened to Tiny Tim, Glenn just sort of watched everything, and Rick's group escaped via the zombie guts method. Here are my thoughts on episode 8...

1. Were Those Supposed To Be Ants?:

This isn't a big deal, but they looked pretty fake to me, just saying. Plus, World War Z already made the zombie/ ant analogy in it's opening credits...

2. Deanna, We Will Miss You, Sorta, Maybe:

Was I happy to see Deanna go? No not at all... but she was definitely on the short list of expendable characters. Maybe it's the fact that the Glenn scare is still on my mind, but her impending death didn't get to me very much. Though to her credit, she went out like a warrior.

3. Carl...Wisdom or Stupidity?:

I think I'll choose both. Carl legitimately took matters into his own hands on episode 8...

1) He effectively avoided being shot by Ron. 
2) He very smartly retrieved Ron's pistol at gun point. 
3) He very bluntly/ correctly/ literally told Ron his dad was an 'asshole.' 

However, Carl did some stuff that could be seen as borderline incompetent....
1) He went downstairs alone with Ron in the first place.
2) He got himself locked in a room with the son of the man his father killed.
3) He then didn't tell Rick about it afterwards.

About that last point...Carls decision not to tell Rick still kinda confuses me. At first I thought he was making some attempt to forgive/ protect Ron... but when he aimed his gun at him (after Ron started apologizing no less) in the next scene, that didn't seem to be the case. I mean, calling Ron's dad an 'asshole' isn't the best way to bury the hatchet.

4. Morgan Was Right, It Could Have Waited:

Carols attempt on the Wolf was one of the things that bothered me the most about this episode. Up to this point, Carol has been one of the most level headed characters of the entire group. She has the presence of mind to do things like...

1. Overthrow an entire settlement (Terminus).
2. Pretend to be a Wolf in the middle of a Wolf attack.
3. Pretend to be a homemaker 24/7, just for the sake of camouflaging how deadly she is.

Dealing with the Wolf really super obviously could have waited (I mean, with a zombie attack of that size...who's to say there'd even be a community to protect from subsequent Wolf attacks). Carol's desperate attempt on his life just didn't seem like her. Was Morgan wrong to have held the Wolf captive in the first place...and Carol was wrong to try and kill him when she did...and in the end the Wolf made his escape anyways.

           The Walking Dead's mid season finale definitely had enough zombies...What did you think? You happy with where the show has ended up so far?