Monday, November 2, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 4... Enter The Morgan

           I knew this season would have a Morgan flashback episode and this week, that's what we got. Looks like we'll have to wait longer to find out about Glenn. Any who... this episode was pure character development and did well to show why Morgan has adopted a policy of peace... Here are my thoughts on episode 4...

1. This Episode Was A Forgone Conclusion, But It Didn't Have To Be:

This episode didn't really throw any mind blowing revelations at us. It showed how Morgan learned his peaceful ways in a pretty straight forward fashion...
1) Crazy Morgan gets captured
2) Crazy Morgan meets his Obi-Wan Kenobi
3) Crazy Morgan learns the ways of the force
4) Morgan is no longer crazy
...To top it off, his master is killed, forcing Morgan to venture on his own to fight the/ his dark side. Speaking of which, Eastman should really have been spared. His character was easily more
interesting than most of the characters ever featured on this entire show. Other than the incredible story about that convict (as well as great acting from Morgan and Eastman), the episode felt a little too much like filler. It kinda reminded me of those Governor episodes from season 4, but at least those culminated in a massive battle that changed the course of the show...this episode was one and done. It's almost as if they shot this episode last season and sat on it...because lets be honest, without the small portions of dialogue with the Wolf, this episode could really have fit anywhere.

2. All Life Is Precious...Except For That Wolf Guy:

Eastman's story was so damn moving even I was ready to forgive Scott Gimple for possibly killing off Glenn. However, despite all of Eastman's righteous ways, Morgan wasn't willing to leave the door unlocked on that crazy Wolf...but could you really blame him? This poses the question... are the Wolves evil enough to make Morgan basically abandon this episode's lessons? Time will tell, but this episode most certainly drew a sharp contrast with the likes of other characters like Rick and Carol, who wouldn't last a day under Eastman's tutelage.

           What did you think of this break in the action? Were you upset that the goat didn't make it? Did you think Eastman could have totally dodged that zombie and saved Morgan at the same time?

You will be missed...