Sunday, November 29, 2015

'The Leftovers' Season 2, Episode 8...Kevin What The Heck?...

           Episode 8 was the weirdest of the season by far (Jason Bourne+Lost+The Twilight Zone). We followed Kevin as he woke up in the hotel of the afterlife, took the role of an 'international assassin,' and attempted to kill Patti...thereby freeing himself of her in the real world. I still can't believe all that actually happened. Here are my thoughts on episode 8...

1. Australia Is Important And May Be The Answer To Everything:

We've heard Australia mentioned a few times this season. One of those times was when Kevin's dad mentioned that he'd be moving there...and what do you know, it's Kevin's dad who communicates with his son (in the afterlife) from Australia. While I fully accept we may never learn what caused the departure (or where the people went), I still like that the show is keeping this 'Australia' thing alive.
It's just enough for me to feel like the show isn't just a new incarnation of that it's getting too caught up in it's own mystery.

2. Bringing In Dead Characters Worked For Me :

The whole afterlife setting was perfect for brining in some old faces and some newer ones...starting with...
1. That Bird- I don't claim to know anything about birds, but...that small bird flying inside the hotel sure looked like the one Erika kept burying.
2. Holy Wayne!- How is it that he died only to become a body guard?...If you say so (you'd think he'd be the one running for president). Either way, it was fun to see him and all his creepiness all over again.
3. The GR member Gladys- Nice to see she's been promoted to Patti's campaign/ torture manager.
4. Virgil- After committing suicide, looks like Virgil found afterlife work in the hotel... where he sent Kevin on a seemingly useless mission to kill Patti, thanks for that.
5. Patti's Husband Neil- We've heard all about him, and on episode 8 we finally got to see him...then Kevin killed him.

3. What Did That Noose Guy Tell Kevin On The Bridge?:

I mean it looked pretty important...and since I'm used to this show never explaining a damn thing, I fully accept that we'll never know the answer. What also interested me during that scene was the noose man's warning that killing Patti would change Kevin. Seeing as how Kevin made it back to the real world, I'm excited to see how those changes manifest themselves. 

4. Patti As The Little Girl Was An Interesting Choice:

I think if Patti had been the annoying adult the whole hour, then I would've pushed her down the well myself. The fact that she was a child made me feel kinda bad in the end. Good choice on behalf of the show... maybe Patti's gone for good, but I'm slightly hoping we'll see her again. 

           What did you think of episode 8? What questions are you asking? How will Kevin handle the palm print situation when he gets back?