Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5...Filler

           This was one of the most unfocused episode's I've seen from this show in a while... and it was also kinda boring. Aside from Maggie's pregnancy and the walkers showing up at Alexandria, this show meandered between a lot of characters and situations that led to nowhere. Here's my break down of episode 5...

1. This Episode Was Filler:

A filler is when a show delivers an episode seemingly just for the hell of it. Such an episode seems designed to get you nowhere fast. You could probably skip or fast forward through most of a filler (without worrying that you'll miss something critical, because there isn't really anything critical going on). This episode of The Walking Dead was pretty much one of those. It started off strong, as walkers found Alexandria and caused a town
panic. Soon after, things slowed's just some of the occurrences episode 5 had to offer...

A) Maggie and Aaron went on a mission...then didn't...and came back
B) Deanna wandered around, rattled a fence
C) Carol just opted out of being on this episode (and Michonne mostly did too)
D) Carl asked Ron about Enid, who lets be honest...we don't care that much about
E) There was an argument over the food between people we don't really know or care for
F) Deanna's son got drunk 
G) Rick kissed Jessie
H) Denise kissed Tara
I) Deanna's son changed shifts with Rosita and ate crackers, or chips, or whatever those were...
J) Jessie killed a zombie and baked cookies

You didn't need to devote an entire episode to all of this...

2. Enough Crap, Where's Glenn?:

After making us sit through the Morgan episode you'd think we'd get somewhere with the Glenn drama (considering that his fate is the only thing anyone really cares about right now). Instead we got a filler episode, and next week we're gonna check in with Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. I get they're trying to turn this Glenn situation into the new "where's Sophia"...but sorry, we've already been through that. At this point I feel like the show is building up more annoyance with me than anticipation for the reveal of Glenn's fate. I didn't want half of this season to be devoted to something like that again...let's hope it's not.

What did you think of episode 5? Were you happy with it?