Sunday, November 22, 2015

'The Leftovers' Season 2, Episode 7...Kevin No!

           Well no one ever said The Leftovers was an uplifting show...This season has delivered yet another awesome next level episode, here are my thoughts...

1. The Palm Print Scan...It's Only A Matter Of Time Now:

We all know it's Kevin's palm print that John is looking for...I'm kind of surprised it took Kevin this long to get scanned. A big confrontation between John and Kevin was always in the works...but with Kevin down and out, what's John supposed to do when he finds out Kevin is the droid he's looking for?

2. Laurie Shows Up At Miracle Because The Script Says So, But It Totally Works:

Why did Laurie drive all the way to Texas looking for Tom? I mean, she had already called Norah about it... She could've just called Kevin since she was clearly willing to meet him in person. Thankfully her appearance in Texas made for some of the episodes best scenes. It was a good twist when Laurie pointed out how Patty wouldn't appear in her presence... and how weird was it to see her giving Kevin advice when last we saw them together Laurie's involvement with the guilty remnant almost got Jill

3. So Virgil Helped Kevin Kill Himself Twice? Damn This Show:

Kevin finally learned how and why he ended up in the lake. He met with Virgil who told him to kill himself in order to battle Patty. While that still doesn't explain the earthquake (and a crap load of other things), it does show how much Kevin has lost it...and set up a truly ugly ending...
           Let me start by saying that everyone is complaining about how Glenn from The Walking Dead may, or may not, be alive...about how he may, or may not, have been able to crawl under that dumpster... how those may, or may not, have been his intestines... Well, no one watching The Leftovers can doubt that Kevin is dead. He straight up drank poison, thrashed around, and died. All in clear view of us, the viewers, and his would be savior Virgil... who soon after shoots himself in the head. I hope this show uses it's supernatural card and brings Kevin back. If season 2 keeps going this way, I might end up having to go back to counseling...which is a shame because I just got over Game of Thrones.

           What did you think of episode 7? You think Kevin will come back this season? This show still confusing you?