Monday, November 23, 2015

'The Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 7...Glenn's Fate Revealed!

           Episode 7 finally delivered the goods. After sitting through some pretty slow stuff, (the past 3 episodes) this was exactly what we needed going into the mid season finale...Here are my thoughts...

1. Glenn Lives, Which Totally Made My Weekend:

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because it turns out The Walking Dead's dumpsters are made with wiggle room. It's a good thing Glenn made it out alive because his death would've really killed my Thanksgiving week...and I have to give props to this episode for starting with Glenn's reveal... because frankly it's the only thing we've really cared about all season. While I can fully appreciate the anticipation from having made us believe Glenn was dead, I would be happy if the show never pulls this again...

2. Rosita Tells Eugene What We've All Been Thinking:

I'm sorry but I don't really care for Eugene. His mullet and overall cowardice find a way to irritate me without fail. Thankfully Rosita stood up this episode and put Eugene right in his place...thank you. I
said this before, Rick has no grounds to complain about the weakness of Alexandria when Eugene is just as ill prepared to survive.

3. I Didn't Need To See Enid On This Episode, Or Possibly Ever:

I didn't need to see Glenn's glorious comeback devoted to bonding with Enid. Glenn's episode was wasted on the following...
A) Chasing Enid.
B) Getting a gun pointed at his head by Enid.
C) Blowing up balloons with Enid.
D) Arriving to Alexandria then having Enid change her mind.

I've just never managed to sympathize with Enid's character (and her possibly being one of the Wolves doesn't save her for me). Sorry Glenn, but I think Maggie would've understood if you left Enid out there, and so would we...

4. Sorry Spencers An Idiot:

I get Spencer's whole, "you wouldn't have listened to my idea anyways" argument against Rick, but...
A) his stunt could've killed someone
B) He very nearly left Deanna with literally zero family
C) He wasted minutes of my life better spent on, Glenn, the wolf, or really anything else...

5. Ok Morgan Is Officially Annoying:

I was really glad to see Rick, Carol, and Michonne talk to Morgan about his behavior and overall attitude. It really cut at the core of this season's thematic conflict between Rick's violence and Morgan's peace... and while no one was happier to see Morgan return to the plot than I was, he's kinda starting to bug. Let me be clear, it's not because of his new peaceful ways. It's the fact that his peaceful ways are risking the safety of people around him... Here's what I mean...

A) He let those Wolves go, they consequently attacked and nearly killed Rick
B) One of those Wolves he let go took a gun, which he shot at Rick with
C) He's attempting to nurse a particularly dangerous Wolf back to health without telling anyone

That last point is going to serve up a significant confrontation between Morgan and the Alexandrian leadership...and it should. Holding that Wolf simply isn't his call to make. If he disapproves of Alexandrian violence (and clearly doesn't think Rick, Carol, and Michonne's views on violence will change, otherwise he wouldn't have hid the wolf), then why is he staying there? I'm all for Morgan's peace, but if his method's end up risking people's lives then maybe he needs to adopt some new ideas...

           This was a solid episode from The Walking Dead (even though I complained about half the cast). What did you think of Episode 7? You happy with where the show is going? Were you fed up with all of Carl's macho jabs at Ron? Do you wish the balloons were a different color?