Monday, November 9, 2015

The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 6...Questions And More Questions

           This show, while damn good, really is getting harder and harder to comment on...mostly because immediately after watching an episode, I realize I have almost no idea what just happened (in fact, after every episode I look like a disturbed Kevin). I find it best to just sit back, relax, and ask away...because lets face it... a lot of stuff related to birds, goats, pies, and rocks happened on episode 6. Here are my thoughts...

1. So This Episode Had A Questionnaire? Maybe It Can Answer Some of My Questions:

How? how can a show continue to pile on the mystery and still be so damn good? Here's some of the questions I had about tonights episode...

A) Why did Norah throw a rock a the Murphy's house? I mean, that was Norah right?
B) Why did Erika throw the rock back? Judging by the look on her face it looked personal as hell.  
C) What did that old man out in the sticks do to earn the Murphy's hatred? 
D) Does that "Lens" thing really happen? If so which questions from Norah's list were based off the lensing phenomena?
E) Did Norah or Erika (or both) cause the girls to disappear?
F) Is that guy ever gonna get his questionnaire back?
G) Where did Erika take that goat? Did she adopt it? 

Ok maybe those last two aren't so important... but again, this show is so fascinating because it continues to be so engaging while never managing to answer most of the questions it brings up. On a random side note... you have to give this show props for daring to be so mysterious. I mean, fans of The Walking Dead are still crying about how Glenn's been missing for two weeks, yet this show makes people disappear like it's nobodies business. But it needs to be careful, if it takes to long to answer some of these, it runs the risk of either losing our interest or getting lost in it's own crap.

2. So Tom's Missing? He Must Be Where Glenn from The Walking Dead Is... :

Out of all the events from this episode, this was certainly the most random (yes even more than that sacrificial goat showing up at the fundraiser). When last we saw Tom, he was going full Holy Wayne. Not only that but he and Laurie were on good terms. So my final questions are...

A) What did Laurie do to piss off Tom?
B) Where did Tom go?
C) Why would Laurie suspect that Tom would want to go with his family in Texas?

Keeping with this season's trade mark non linear story telling I predict we'll get a Laurie/ Tom episode before the seasons over...

What did you think of episode 6? Are you happy with the Murphy/ Garvey rivalry? You think the "lens" theory is real?