Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thoughts On: Jurassic World Trailer

           I don't think the world needed another Jurassic Park Movie but here we go (what would Hammond say about this?) Although as an added bonus, I like Chris Pratt, Dinosaurs, and parks (and Rec, see what I did there?). Here's what I came away with from the new trailer for Jurassic World...
Item 1, Not enough CGI:
By that I mean theres too damn much CGI. I realize they aren't going to clone real Dinosaurs to be in the movie but even that iconic "Jurassic" sign everyone drives under looked fake.
Reminding me of Crystal Skull, and not in a good way

Item 2, Riding With Raptors:
While not quite the "lightsaber cross guard" of the trailer, Chris Pratt riding with raptors looked like Chris Pratt riding with raptors.

Item 3, 28 Dinosaurs Later:
Go ahead and watch the trailer for 28
Weeks Later and tell me you don't get the same feel. Just replace all the infected  with Dinosaurs. Jeremy Renner is Chris Pratt, you get the idea.

Item 4, The Plot:
"God Creates Dinosaurs, God Destroys Dinosaurs...
God Creates Man, Man Destroys
God, Man Creates Dinosaurs...
Dinosaurs eat Man, Women inherits the Earth..." and makes hybrid Dinosaurs that eat everyone.

I'll still watch this one no doubt (then ask myself why I saw it). Maybe the CGI won't be so bad (as long as Chris Pratt doesn't ride on a Raptor), and maybe in the end man will just cut their losses and eat the Dinosaurs...