Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 Thoughts On: The X-Files Reboot

           This could be the greatest idea since sliced bread if done correctly...or not. Despite how bad X-Files: I Want To Believe was, we all lined up to go watch it. Why? because Mulder and Scully together again is always going to be something we want to see. A series reboot will be no different. So long as Chris Carter can get the two of them on screen again, all the fans will follow. But say the new rumored series wanted to actually be good...here's how they might go about doing that...

Random screen guy the x- files milder scully lost
Forget the Old Story:
This show was two things...monster of the week, and alien conspiracy subplot. But lets face it, the alien aspect of the show got so carried away it left a lot of fans confused. The last season of The X-files basically became the blueprint for what Lost would turn into. No fan tuning in to a new X-Files season will want to pick up where any of the alien invasion plot left off because most fans won't remember the details surrounding it. Plus the show would be risking any hope of snagging new fans with a confusing plot like that.

Don't Start off With or Include Other Agents:
The whole reason anybody will tune in is to see Mulder and Scully again (ok and Skinner), There should be no passing of the torch aspect to this show... so don't bother us with...
1. New young agents
2. Annoying doubtful supporting agents
3. The liquid metal Terminator
4. Agent Reyes

Keep The Intro Sequence, The Music, and the Location Font:
If that whistling theme isn't exactly as it was, I won't watch the show. I would say keep the entire credit sequence, the only thing that needs updating are their badge photos. The in show music should also be exactly the same, no exceptions...and every time theres a new location, I better see that white writing on the bottom.

           So there you have it, all you need to make The X-Files ready to fight the future (see what I did there?).