Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3 Thoughts On: Star Wars Snub

Star Wars george lucas jj abrams lightsabers           Days ago it came out that George Lucas was totally shut out of the making of  The Force Awakens. This has caused a debate as to whether this was the wisest move (the movies quality could be at stake...right?). Should his ideas for Episode 7 have been considered?... no, here's why...

1. The Prequels:
Maybe if one of the prequel movies was bad, then I would definitely have put Lucas on Episode 7's Jedi Council...but all three were bad. Anyone who has heard Belated Media's version of Episode 2 will tell you that George Lucas could have...and should have...talked to
somebody other than himself when making the prequels. With this very, indisputably, bad body of work in mind...no Lucas input please.

2. The Special Editions:
Don't forget that George Lucas put a dent on our childhoods with the additions of the special edition movies. The unending anger over wether or not Han shot first, the awful Jabba scene will leave us fringing for all eternity. If he could do that to the originals, what would he have done to Episode 7

3. The Legacy of Jar Jar and the Prairie Dog:
Yes he invented the entire series...which yes make him a genius...but George Lucas basically handed over all credibility with the addition of Jar Jar Binks (who haunts me to this day). He further destroyed all new hope when his association with the last Indiana Jones movie which...had...prairie dogs. I wouldn't trust Lucas' input on any new supporting characters let alone the movie.

           Without Lucas whispering into Abrams ear, we can be sure that 2015 will be the year the legacy of Jar Jar, Anakin's hate for sand, and the Greedo scene will hurt that much less.