Sunday, October 18, 2015

'The Walking Dead'...S6E2...Wolves!

           Episode 2 was pretty intense, I'll just get to it... Here are my thoughts on the latest Walking Dead...        

1. The Wolves Attack, Holy Crap:

This is exactly the kind of thing I needed to keep this show interesting. The attack on Alexandria came out of nowhere and greatly changed the shows pace. While it was the best part of the episode, I'm actually a bit's why... the violence. Actually, violence would probably be an understatement... it was down right gory. Don't get me wrong this show has always had plenty of that. What caught my attention this episode was that the violence was practically all human on human. I mean, we straight up saw the wolves cutting peoples limbs off... and dead humans get a knife to the head the same way I casually swipe my debit card. This begs the question... Is this show getting so
comfortable with violence that it's willing to kill humans (on screen) as violently as zombies? It's a question worth asking. A clear message of this show has always been that survival necessitates certain levels of violence...but is showing this level of violence necessary to get that point across?

2. Enid Is Connected To The Wolves:

Enid is most definitely involved with the Wolves. The fact that she said "we" when talking to Carl...and based on the fact that she pretty much bailed on everyone, I'd say her guilt is looking more certain. Check out this article which goes into more depth. Will a confrontation between her and Carl come to ahead once the Alexandrian's put everything together? Will Carol make her look at the flowers? Will Enid get more dialogue? Will I keep watching this show? Time will tell.

3. Carol Is The Most Dangerous Person On This Show:

Carol has come so damn far. She went from battered wife to literally the most lethal human being in the South. Every aspect of Carols character was on display tonight, starting with...

A) Her Emmy Worthy Performance As The Homemaker:
Are TV characters allowed to be nominated for awards? Can we start a petition to nominate Carol for her performance as Carol the homemaker?

B) Her Intelligence: 
I'd like to think that if I'd been there during the attack that I would have thought of that disguise, but lets be honest...I wouldn't have and neither would you. Rick would never have thought of something so sneaky.

C) Her Lethality:
Carol killed multiple people tonight, with both guns and knives. That proficiency pretty much saved the town.

D) Her No Bullshit Attitude: 
What do I mean by that? Remember the scene when Morgan and Gabriel were tying that Wolf up and then Carol just came over and shot him in the head? That's what I mean...

4. Morgan's Reluctance To Kill Is Totally Valid, But Because This Show Has No Morals, He's Wrong:

This is a similar (although admittedly way more advanced) situation to the once faced by Travis on Fear The Walking Dead. Morgan was resistant to killing people this episode. While I totally agree with his desire to maintain his humanity... this show has made a habit of not giving a crap about that. My prediction is that the wolf he let go (the one who took the gun) is going to come back to kill a character on this show... Morgan will regret what he did and yata yata yata...

           All in all this was a pretty decent episode. It placed multiple characters in danger (even though the only people who died were a bunch of extras) and has provided Rick with plenty more people to kill this season. What did you think?