Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awaken's Trailer... The Plot Revealed?...Maybe

           By now you've probably seen the Star Wars trailer 50 million times and debated which parts are the best. You've probably argued left and right about the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker and decided that Kylo Ren's lightsaber is useful after all. So, instead of telling you how happy I was to see Princess Leia, I've decided to have some fun theorizing about one thing we got the least of...the plot. I give you (based on what we've seen from the teasers, trailer, toys, and poster)...part 1 of Random Screen Guy's rough plot for Star Wars: The Force Awakens...

Possible Plot 1 Part 1:

           The scroll begins with talk of the First Order retaking the galaxy, and a comment about how the rebels, now called the Resistance, are in disarray...
           The movie introduces us to Rey, a scavenger who sells stuff at garage sales on the weekends and... is related to non other than Luke Skywalker (and Leia), but doesn't take the relation seriously because Luke is just a 'crazy old wizard'... plus...she's never met him...and isn't even sure he's alive. One day while heading for her next junk run, she meets a droid dealer. Realizing she needs a new droid, she buys BB-8.
           Meanwhile, Finn, a young man raised to be a stormtrooper, sees first hand the harsh treatment implemented by the First Order. Over the course of defecting from the First Order, he shoots up his unit. After being shot down in a skirmish (over planet Jakku), he
manages to find a settlement and meets Rey. Rey decides to help hide Finn who is being hunted by the First Order.
           Meanwhile, a young X-Wing ace named Poe Dameron is kicking First Order ass all over the galaxy. He eventually discovers that the bad guys have rebuilt the Death Star and is captured in battle. There, he meets...Kylo Ren, a Darth Vader worshiping member of a group called the Knights of Ren (a country club), who spends his days searching the galaxy for Luke Skywalker. His goal is to eliminate Luke and to get his saber... because Ren made his in a neighbors garage. Ren tortures the crap outa Poe, and consequently ups the movies rating to PG-13. Ren eventually departs to look for Luke some more, leaving the torture to General Hux.
           Meanwhile, after ongoing harassment by stormtroopers, Rey and Finn run into Han Solo and Chewbacca. Han and Chewie have been spending the last 30 years flying around in the Chevy Lumina of spaceships looking for the Falcon (which they lost in a card game 30 years ago). The 4 find the Falcon on Jakku, parked next to that half sunk star destroyer. After declaring that he and Chewie are 'home' again, Han flies the group off the planet. Over the course of their flight, they run into Tie- Fighters and narrowly escape. 
           Meanwhile, Kylo Ren is torching up places looking for Luke and squashing any Resistance forces with his dope ass lightsaber (which we haven't seen until now). While Kylo Ren is away, the Resistance bust Poe out and take him to their base on Yavin 78 (I just made that place up) where they debrief him.
           Once safely in space, Chewie plays that monster Chess game while the rest of group talks. We learn that Han hasn't seen Luke in a long time, doesn't know where he is, but confirms to Rey and Finn that the stories of the Dark Side and the Jedi are all true (making Rey feel like a badass for being related to Luke) In this moment Han's character comes full circle because it's from this very spot that he dismissed Obi-Wan's claims about the force. BB-8 totally eavesdrops on this conversation and makes beeping sounds.  
           Eventually, the 4 run out of gas (or power) and land on a random planet where they attempt to send a transmission to the Resistance (to get picked up). Kylo Ren intercepts the transmission, like bad guys always do, and after realizing that Han Solo (one of the most renowned old school rebels alive) sent it, attempts to beat the Resistance there. 
           Kylo Ren's fleet arrives first and arrests Hans group. During this encounter, Kylo Ren senses crazy force stuff from Rey who doesn't realize how powerful she is. Soon after, the rebels show up. There is a crazy battle. After some time, the rebels emerge victorious and regroup on Yavin 78 where we meet princess Leia...

           Well thats all for now. Stay tuned to find out how it all goes down according to the Random Screen Guy. What did you think of the new Star Wars trailer? Did it make you speculate this much?