Monday, October 12, 2015

The Walking Dead is Back With a Strong Premiere...

The original Walking Dead is finally back...Which means a lot more to me these days because Fear The Walking Dead just didn't satisfy. Here are my thoughts on the season 6 premiere...

1. The Black And White Flash Backs Worked:
They won't be doing this every episode, but it sure worked for this one. One of the problems I've always had with past seasons is that some episodes are damn slow. The alternating time lines kept the pace much more interesting. I think if this episode had been done in it's usual linear fashion, scene's like the one with Judith would have bored me a bit. Also, the fact that some scene's
were black and white brought just the right amount of artsy tension. Definitely a memorable and stylish premier...

2. Eugene Just Isn't Growing On Me:
I'm honestly still super irritated by the fact that he lied about DC. Either way, his actions on this episode don't help his case. His monotone mullet humor and that damn pantry scene just don't make him morel likable to me. Rick has really gone out of his way to demonstrate how all the Alexandrian's are weak and unprepared. If I were an Alexandrian, I'd ask Rick why in the world Eugene doesn't have a black belt in apocalypse survival like everyone else in his group. I can't say I'll lose a ton of sleep if he doesn't survive season 6.

3. Morgan Makes The Show Better:
Morgan contributes two thing to this show... first he brings an ass kicking bow staff (and the martial arts skills to match). Second, he serve's as a new check on Rick's violent side. Morgan spent much of the episode trying to show Rick that his (Rick's) humanity was still intact...So when Morgan witnessed Rick kill Carter (although lets be honest, considering he was bit on the face, what was Rick supposed to do?), his reaction was priceless. Morgan may be realizing Rick isn't the same man he met in the beginning of the show... which means a major disagreement between the two is on the horizon.

4. Other Observations:
A) Carter's Demise-
First he questioned Rick, then he plotted to kill Rick, then he changed his mind, then he died. This is essentially how we will all remember Carter. I get that he was annoying (and personified the lack of readiness Rick was talking about), but there was definitely room for growth there. I say Carter deserved another couple episodes. I least let Rick train this guy and have him die in some sort of battle. Oh well...

B) Carl Barely Appears-
Carl was practically nowhere to be seen during this premiere. In fact I think Ron actually poses a direct threat to Carl's reign as the most annoying kid on this show.

C) Morgan Calls Out Carol-
I'm more and more convinced that Morgan is secretly the spy 'Hawkins' from Jericho. Why?... because he was on to Carol's act after having been in her presence for like a day.

This was a strong return from The Walking Dead. What did you think? and...who in their right mind would honk a horn that loud?