Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Leftovers Season 2 Episode 3...Back in Business

           Well now we know what's going on with Tommy and Laurie...Here are my thoughts on The Leftover's episode 3...

Drums, Bird Man Style:

When those drums played at the beginning, I thought I was getting PTSD from Birdman or somethin. But they served as the perfect contrast between the new spring in Laurie's step and the Guilty Remnant's silence. Nowhere were these drums better applied than during Laurie's mission to take back her computer...

Where Is My Mind?:

Yet another auditory observation. This is now the second time this song has been played this season. The first was played to the scene of Kevin digging up Patty. This new piano version serves as Laurie's theme. I vote for this song to make a final appearance...

I'm Liking This Non Linear Story Telling Stuff:

The first part of this episode proved to be somewhat of a flash back. We got to see what Laurie and Tommy's experience's have been leading up to the meeting with Jill. These non linear episode's are
actually growing on me. They keep the show dynamic and make me second guess every scene. This show actually deserves a lot of credit for continuing such as potentially confusing style considering how little sense this show can make. 

Meg Is Back, And She's Pissed:

While her appearance was brief, it seems like an epic battle between her and Laurie has to go down. I honestly thought she was going to burn Tommy alive...which is kinda weird considering how that scene started. It's also worth noting that Meg looks like she's in a serious leadership position with the GR. 

Holy Wayne Lives On:

One of the big conclusions that Tommy and Laurie came to this episode was that they needed to offer ex-GR members a new set of beliefs. Their answer... have Tommy be the new Holy Wayne, hugs included. This move seriously raised the stakes considering that the GR already hates Laurie's group. Now with a full fledged ideological struggle on the horizon, who will win? This might be too far down the line to consider, but... if Meg shows up with Tommy's baby in the future, is that going to bring believers to the GR side? Could Holy Wayne's real child trump everything?

           What did you think of episode 3? Are you less confused? Do you need a hug from Tommy?