Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Leftovers: Season 2 Episode 2...What's Going On Here?

           Episode 2 was a mix of old, new, and creepy. We pick up right at the end of season one, with the discovery of Holy Wayne's baby. From there Kevin, Jill, and Norah travel to the super hard to visit town of Miracle, where the plot catches up with the premiere episode. Oh, and it wouldn't be The Leftovers without Patty hallucinations and random moments of Kevin staring off into space.

Geography? What The Heck?:

According to the students who bought Norah's house, geography had something to do with those who disappeared during the departure. This information didn't really help much (that student could have said the departure was a matter of pizza), what really got my attention was the possibility that the departure could happen again...

How Are Laurie And Tom Going To Effect Kevin's Story?:

This is more of a question than anything that came up in the episode... If Kevin is taking the family to the super guarded, hard to get to, mob run, house burning town of Miracle... then how might Laurie
and Tom effect the show's events there? Unless they take one of those tour buses, it'll be tough...

Kevin Sr. Passes the Baton of Insanity to Kevin:

Hey Kevin...remember all the doubt you had about your dad last season? Well, surprise! You win a full blown case of Patty... Despite Patty's new appearances, it's difficult to tell if (like his father) Kevin is simply crazy or if Patty is really there. Hell, maybe Kevin Sr.'s freedom from the voices has nothing to do with his son...but I doubt it.

The Ending Only Raised More Questions: 

What the hell was Kevin doing with that cinder block tied to his leg? Clearly Kevin's sleep walking situation is going to start playing a factor going forward, but nonetheless questions remain...Was he trying to commit suicide? or was someone trying to send him to a watery grave? Either way, the greater questions are still...what the hell happened to the water in the lake, and where are the girls? I'm hoping Kevin gets some good hypnotherapy to figure it out...

           Well, this review was more a series of questions than anything else, but that about sums up the show at this point. Season two is certainly advancing the broader questions regarding the departure but is doing well to bring up new ones at Miracle. What did you think of episode 2?