Tuesday, May 26, 2015

6 Thoughts On: Games of Thrones S5E7...

           This season is almost over and after having veered away from the source material, I'm still feeling somewhat underwhelmed. But there's still hope. A fateful meeting, and a looming battle will at least set the stage for a great season 6. For now....

1. Tyrion Meets Dany:
You know what, had this been any other season, these two probably would have met on the finale. Thankfully we're going to get some meaningful dialogue between the two. I'm just hoping that Tyrion got all his whining out because Dany won't have it.

2. Cersei Finally Gets Hers:
You know, we really needed this. Cersei has annoyed the crap out of everyone from day one. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll find her way out of this little situation.

3. Sam Finally Gets a Break (ish):
Yes he got beaten down in this episode, but... After having played second fiddle to Jon Snow since season one, and single handedly killing a white waker, same finally sealed the deal with Gilly,

4. This Season's Looking Like a Fail for Sansa Stark:
After finally getting out of King's Landing and gaining new status in the Eyrie, I really thought Sansa had some character development heading her way. So far that hasn't happened, instead she's traded being Joffrey's captor for being Ramsey's. The execution of her elderly insider could mean that Sansa will be present when Stannis shows up...

5. This Season's Looking Like a Fail for Jon Snow:
Look, I'll just say it, Jon Snow hasn't done squat this season. Now, with 3 episodes left, he's finally off to make something happen. He truly knows nothing, especially as Lord Commander.

6. The Starks:
At this point no one with the last name Stark seems to have anything to do on this show. Arya is busy playing assassin, Uncle Benjen is still MIA, Sansa ongoing captivity is ongoing, Bran decided to sit season 5 out, Rickon, wait whose that? Considering this is the family we all rooted for, it would be nice to have them make some sort of comeback.

           What do you want to see on Episode 8? Leave your comments and lets hope Ramsey gets his by the end of the season.