Tuesday, May 19, 2015

5 Thoughts On: Mad Men Series Finale

           Was this the greatest series finale ever? No. Was it terrible? Well no. While not leaving everyone happy, it gave us enough to ponder, here are 5 thoughts on the Mad Men series finale...

1. Joan Wins at Life:
Considering how she's been treated over the course of the show... Joan really needed a break. Unfortunately her career in advertising and new boyfriend are history. But with her new production company comes more possibilities, chief among them is that she's in charge. I get the feeling that Peggy should've gotten the ending Joan did...

2. Roger Had Nothing to do all Season:
Aside from fighting with Megan's mom and leaving his son money, Roger really could have sat this
season out...

3. Peggy Falls in Love?:
Don't get me wrong, I got nothing against Stan, but huh? Peggy, the pillar of individualism, seemed to truly crap all over her character arc during this series finale. Her coming to the realization that she loved Stan made about as much sense as Mathew McConaughey's bookcase scene in Interstellar.

4. Pete Also Wins at Life:
He didn't have a lot to do on this season finale, but out of everyone, Pete Campbell was the most successful. He escaped from the clutches of McCann Erickson, got back together with Trudy, and completed a worthy character arc... have fun in Wichita.

5. Don, Oh Don:
Well he didn't fall off the intro building like so many thought he would. After reading speculations and rewatching those last seconds, it looks like Draper goes back to work and makes the Coke commercial. So where does that leave him? Pete quit and moved on, Joan quit and moved on, Peggy fell in love (and discovered that there's more to life than work) and may move on, and Dons family (with Betty's impending death) will also move on...but Don stays the same and seemingly succeeds inside and out.

           Yes I felt season 7 was slow, no I didn't like Roger's mustache, and yes this finale sorta confused me the first time I saw it...but this show, as a whole, is a massive achievement. There's really no way the finale could have ruined the entire series (unless it ended like Dexter did, my god) so I wasn't too worried. Thank you Mad Men, I will always remember you for your Lucky Strike Cigarettes, 60's credits songs, and absolutely impeccable cast...