Monday, June 1, 2015

5 Thoughts On: Game of Thrones S5E8...

           Well the episode was kinda slow, and then suddenly it wasn't... Here are my thoughts on episode 8...

you know you imagined him holding a lightsaber...
1. The White Walker Attack Woke Me Up: 
I knew Jon wasn't going to leave the Wildling settlement without some fuss, but this attack came out of nowhere, and was awesome for 3 reasons...
1. Jon's sword withstood the White Walker attack...and even killed a White Walker lieutenant.
2. The Darth Maul Walker made an appearance, not to mention he woke the dead.
3. The sheer gravity of this engagement means that when the people of Westeros fight the White Walkers it will be epic.
The politics of this season started to drag a bit, so this encounter with the White Walker zombies was
just what we needed to remind us of whats really important...

worst job interview ever...
2. Ary's and Her Training:
...This on the other hand is not what we need. What with Stannis' impending attack and the White Walker massacre I can't say
I care much for Arya's homework. I'm sure she'll get an A but I feel like some of these lessons should have come a bit earlier in the season.

3. Cersei's Prison Time:
Well, what goes around comes around. While I'm still sure she'll make it out of captivity, I'm glad her own mess got her there.

4. Sansa Learns Some Truth:
Her brothers are alive this news couldn't have come at a better time. Hope fully that gives her some new found strength because short of a miracle her character is out options for now.

5. Tyrion and Dany:
It broke my heart that Dany had to banish Jorah again, but it led to a very worthwhile conversation. I can't say I expected her to name Tyrion an advisor so quickly, but I'm certainly not against it...With the end of the season upon us, it's clear Dany will be staying in Mereen. Hopefully Tyrion commits to her Westerosi mission and gives her a nudge across the Narrow Sea.

           Jon's Snow is going to have a big situation on his hands when he gets back to the wall with a bunch of Wildlings and a Castle Black full of people who hate him. What did you think will happen next time? What did you think of Episode 8?