Saturday, June 13, 2015

20 Thoughts On: Jurassic World...

           Let me start by saying that, this movie was really something, which is why there will be a second posting about it. Did I enjoy Jurassic World? yes...Should you see it? yes... Was this movie full of cliches? Why yes...yes it are 21...

Jurassic World Cliche List:
1) Guy gets the girl cliche
2) Kids gripe about having to spend time with relative cliche
3) Adults too busy for kids cliche
4) Animals have feelings vs No they don't cliche
5) Older brother doesn't care for little brother...but then changes his mind cliche
6) Older teen brother checks out girls cliche
7) Hero saves new guy who falls into the dino cage cliche
8) Only one person on the island knows how to fly a helicopter and is an amateur cliche

9) "Shhhh be quiet"...but cell phone still rings cliche
10) Animal hater gains affection for said animal as they watch it die cliche
11) Guy kisses girl after girl saves guys life cliche
I'm sorry but human's training Raptors is some bs...
12) Guns have no effect on dinosaurs cliche
13) Main character regains control of raptors by saying "easy boy" cliche
14) Main character with military background uses Winchester because M4 variants are bad cliche
15) Bloody hand Cliche
16) "Wait right here I'll be right back" cliche
17) "Stay right here don't move" cliche
18) Main character survives movie wearing heals cliche
19) Jake Johnson from New Girl decides he has to "stay behind" cliche
20) Theres no cell reception when you need it most cliche

           Like I said this movie was enjoyable. Stay tuned for part two, where we ponder what happened to Owen's friend trapped in that log...

Random Screen Guy Rating: 73.43975628649563637