Tuesday, June 9, 2015

4 Thoughts On: Game of Thrones S5E9...

              This episode didn't follow last weeks White Walker attack particularly well. Here are 4 thoughts on episode 9...
Just replace them with Padme, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Mace Windu...

1. Arya And Her Quest To Be Part Of The Plot:
I get that Ser Meryn Trant is on Arya's hit list, but he's not really one of the bad guys I care about. If Arya's season finishes with her merely scratching Trant off her list...I'll be disappointed...

2. Jamie and Bronn Win At Life And Wasting Our Time:
What started as a daring rescue turned into a season long misunderstanding. Not only are both being let go, but they got free brunch, Ellaria got grounded, and Myrcella and her boyfriend are going back with them...

3. Stannis Wins Father of The Year:
I get that burring his daughter at the stake cemented how far gone Stannis is, but it's placement in the
episode seemed awkward. This should have been the ending scene of a previous episode, because the fighting pit scene really made me forget about the whole thing. This reminded me a lot of when Theon hung the supposed burned bodies of the Stark boys...that scene ended an episode, just as this one should have...

4. Crazy Assasination Attempt:
I'm really torn about this scene so it's just best to make a pros and cons list...
1. I didn't expect the Harpy attack
2. Jorah made good with Dany
3. The scene involved a dragon
1. This scene was way too long
2. This scene reminded way too much of Gladiator
3. This scene reminded way too much of the Geonosis scene from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
4. I suspected no one important would die and no one did
5. My confidence in dragons was damaged by the spear throwing

            It would take a lot for the season finale to single handedly save these last 9 episodes. What did you think of episode 9? What do you want to see on the finale?