Saturday, December 5, 2015

'The Leftovers' Season 2, Episode 9...Holy SH$^%

           After sitting through the awesomely bizarre Kevin afterlife episode, The Leftovers brought us back to reality where...some serious crap is very much in the works. Episode 9 finally showed us the conflict that led to Tommy's disappearance. More importantly, this episode demonstrated that season's 2's real villain is Meg...Here are my thoughts...

1. Meg Has Started Her Own GR Terror Cell: 

Secret base? Check...Armed guards? Check...Explosives? (probably) Check... This episode saw Meg transform into a GR radical, pursuing a violent policy hellbent on making the departure's anniversary more memorable. By the way, I totally thought the grenade she threw in the school bus was real. What you have here are not only the makings of a great
season finale, but the basis for an even better season 3...

2. Why Would Tommy Go With Meg To Texas?:

I get that Tom wants to feel better, but did he forget the time Meg poured gasoline all over him? A road trip with Meg of all people wouldn't have been my first choice. Speaking of these two, I had been wondering since early in the season why Meg had screwed Tommy after capturing him. I heard her say to get him pregnant, but I couldn't tell if she was serious or not. If so, what would be her motive in having his kid? He wasn't posing as a prophet back then...kinda confusing, but then again so is everything else on this show. 

3. Evie And The Girls Went To The Dark Side:

Damn that ending got me... looks like the girls ran away to the Guilty Remnant and faked the whole thing. This still doesn't explain the earthquake that happened the night they disappeared. Was it just a coincidence? Was it Godzilla? Do the GR have an earthquake machine that Meg has yet to unveil? I say yes to all three...
           This episode really has me excited for the season finale. What did you think? How will Meg reveal the girls? Will she plant some explosives?