Sunday, December 20, 2015

6 Thoughts On Star Wars: The Force Awakens


           Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally out... and I'll be honest, as a whole, I really liked it. But as with all movies, there were positives and negatives. Here they are according to the Random Screen Guy...

1. All The Heroes Were On Their Game:

The new and returning cast members were all on point (right down to Admiral Akbar).

-Harrison Ford in particular (absolutely) delivered on his performance as Han Solo (because I was really worried that we'd get a much grumpier Ford).
-Chewie was also a total badass in this movie... In the moments following Han's confrontation with Kylo Ren, Chewie literally sniped Kylo in the gut...good stuff.
-Lets face it guys, Carrie Fisher could have done a lot worse... I was pretty happy with her return as Leia.
-John Boyega's Finn turned out to be way different than I thought (in a good way). He struck a good balance between humor and vulnerability.
-Rey was awesome...she didn't need Finn to hold her hand (or anyone else), which summed up her character completely...
- Poe Dameron was pretty cool. That moment at the beginning when he asks Kylo Ren, "who talks first?"...pure gold.

2. The Real Sets And Practical Effects Did The Job:

The battle between the clone army and the separatists on Geonosis was a freaken cartoon compared to many of the action scene's in this movie (though to be fair there were also a crap load of CG things I didn't like, such as the huge ass bridge where Kylo and Han meet). Some of my favorites were the explosions on Jakku when Finn and Rey were being chased, and literally everything inside the Falcon.  

3. Most Of The Big Questions We All Wanted Answered... :

...remain unanswered. Here's some of the big questions that the movie didn't deliver on...
-The identity and origin of Rey
-The identity and origin of Finn
-The identity and origin of Snoke
-The explanation for the recovery of Luke/ Anakin's lightsaber
These actually really bugged me at first, but after seeing the movie a second time, I was good with not knowing. Episode's 8 and 9 need something to reveal...I just hope it's worth the wait...

...and this famous shot from the teaser was not
in the movie, kind of a bummer...

4. Kylo Ren May Not Be The Villain We're Looking For: 

I'll be honest, Kylo wasn't the villain I thought he'd be. I could appreciate that he was a tormented, inexperienced character, but all his whining reminded me of Hayden Christensen's portrayal of Anakin Skywalker (which if thats what they were going for then congratulations...I see the family resemblance). Also, it was a mistake for Kylo Ren to take his mask off that early in the film, if at all. The better time to take it off would have been when he met Han Solo on the bridge (when Han specifically asked him to remove his helmet). As a whole, his immaturity and insecurity made him less of an imposing villain, but I'm also seeing this as room for growth. I suspect that Kylo Ren will have a better fix on things once Snoke finishes his training...

5. Snoke Was In The Wrong Movie, and Phasma Was Barely In This One:

No seriously, he looked like he belonged to the Harry Potter series (or Lord of The Rings)... and Captain Phasma? She was in 3 short scene's then presumably got thrown in the trash...kind of a let down...

6. I Wanted More Luke Skywalker:

While the look he gave Rey was priceless... at least have him say one thing...But at least he'll definitely feature in the next film...hopefully with a fight scene included...

           That's it for now, expect a part 2 on this movie. What did you think? Were you happy with Star Wars: The Force Awakens?