Tuesday, August 25, 2015

4 Thoughts On: Fear The Walking Dead Premiere...

           Fear The Walking Dead now holds the all time cable premier record. Here are 4 thoughts on the new series...

1. The New Perspective Works:
Maybe I'm just happy to see new faces...or maybe I'm just happy to see a setting that isn't Georgia. Either way, the fact that these characters are stuck dealing with zombies in this busy LA setting (which by the way totally reminded of 28 Days Later and the opening scenes of World War Z) brings a whole new level of urgency.

2. Travis is the new Rick:
I can just see it. He'll be the reluctant leader, but in the end...the Travis-tatorship.

3. Tobias The High Schooler Knows What Time It Is:
That kid was the only person on the show who either A) gets really paranoid about every breaking
news story, or B) already saw seasons 1-5 of The Walking Dead. His presence really served to underscore how ill prepared our main characters are for the coming threat.

4. The Pace Was Fresh:
Exactly Tobias...exactly...
Iv'e always had issues with The Walking Dead's pace. Some episodes have offered ridiculous amounts of walker attacks and then slow down to a fault. This episode alone did well to balance out that sense of normalcy while showing the gradual zombie threat. Judging by the previews, this show will spend a responsible amount of time exploring the opening stages of the zombie apocalypse (before hopefully making straight up walker killers out of every character on this show).

           What did you think of Fear The Walking Dead? Have any hopes for the season?